The Hellenic orthopaedic physicians, have synchronized their dynamism and energy with their European Organisation of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, to generate this symbiotic and not ephemeral synthesis of charismatic, academic scholars, and are enthusiastic with the atmosphere of euphoria and analogous ecstasy in Dodecanisa, Rodos. Rodos is a graphic Hellenic metropolitan center in the Aegean archipelagos, with myriads of archaeological and historical sites. Rodos is a geographical paradise of cryptic and chimerical icons of idyllic charm, amalgamated with Hellenic gastronomy of mousaka, souvlaki, ouzo emporia and euphoria of the rhyme and rhythm of bouzouki, Byzantine and Spanoudakis music. A plethora of basic and didactic themes in the sphere of orthopaedics and traumatology, such as trauma of the musculoskeletal system, arthroscopic and arthroplasty surgery, paediatric ortopaedics, poly-trauma, podiatric surgery, carpus and dactylic surgery with traumatic and genetic anomalies, microsurgery, spondylopathies like scoliosis, kyposis and spondylolithesis, osteoporosis and pharmacologic and prophylactic therapeutic policies will be emphasized.

Diagnostic methods and etiological therapy of traumatic, non-physiological and pathological syndromes, therapeutic schemes and strategies, will be analyzed and synthesized at this academic symposium on a basis of a democratic climate and with the scope of a non-dogmatic and egocentric dialogue, which I prophesize will be an historic phenomenon and paradigm of dynamic synergy and harmony between polyethnic orthopaedic physicians of the European Epirus.

To paraphrase, with the phobia and dilemma of being tautological, let me emphasize that the logistics and machinations in this academic symposium, will generate the scheme and type of our harmonic synergy and syndemosis.

Pragmatically, it is my thesis and not hypothesis that the next phase and programmed orthopaedic symposium in Helsinki which I eulogize will be as dynamic and with colossal kyros, as in Rodos, Hellas.

I apologize for my eulogistic demagogy and if my etymological glossary is based on philosophic or symbolic metaphors and lexical hyperbole, please sympathize with me and I apologize for the idiosyncrasy of a zealous Hellenic, practicing orthopaedic physician who is also fanatically enthusiastic about the giant anode of European propaedutics and academics in orthopaedics and traumatology.